MLM Binary Pay Plan What It Means In Income

Binary pay plans allow you to focus on 2 legs and build volume between them to issue checks. Most pay plans are a 1/3 to 2/3 volume ratio to earn a check.

How this is a plus for you is that you can build up volume on leg one and then go back and work leg two to cash in. Simply use 100 monthly volume x 15 people on leg one or 1500 total volume. Let's say leg two is only 6 people or 600 total volume for this first month. Now with this you can earn a check and look at building up for next month. If last month used 1,000 from leg one and 500 from leg two then you are now at 500 on leg one and 100 on leg two. If you and your down line sign up just half of what you had last month you will then push in 2200 in new volume on leg one and 900 in new volume on leg two. Making your new volume totals at 2600 on leg one and 1000 on leg two. Just shy of earning two binary checks. Now month three is why long term binary is the way to go. 

Long term bigger returns in binary pay plans

Moving into month three with again adding in half of your down line as new members. 33 members on leg one or 3300 new volume adds up 4400 total and leg two with 15 members of 1500 new volume adds up to 2000 total volume on leg two. This earn two checks mlm pay map binary weekly planand almost made a 3rd check on the binary pay plan. As you can see the volume remains for you to cash in as long as you remain active with the qualifying monthly volume purchase.  These binary checks can be issued any week that the sales volumes meet the required levels.

Many earn multiple checks in a week. With sales adding up fast so do BONUS checks!

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* We pay weekly - each Monday

* Earn monthly Bonuses & MATCHING BONUSES

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