MLM Click Funnel Why Did It Fail Me?

The all mighty talked about MLM funnel that has failed me and many others. Success for MLM is not how many prospects you stay in touch with but how good your company, products and pay plan is.

Weeks of endless emails trying to get your prospects to view a view or listen to a pre recorded message is an old way of thinking. Our time is valuable and we need to focus on a MLM company that people want to be a part of. By simply joining the right one you can avoid the pit falls of the click funnels. Now today in 2021 we are focused on working at home. World wide more people are working from home or looking to stay at home to make there lives work. 

Which MLM Company should I join to become a success?

Aligning with a weekly pay plan that pays direct - how's each Monday. Allow yourself monthly bonuses that are not only achievable but you can earn multiple bonuses within a month. $250 and up times 1x 2x 3x or more on bonuses. We are a global business in over 10 countries and growing.

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What is a MLM Funnel?

MLM Funnels are a marketing term that captures prospects and then sends them multiple emails over a set period of time. This was an exciting 'break through' many years ago however it has soon to delay the success of one's MLM business and profits. If you had just one person a week join your MLM company you would grow much faster than sending out hundreds of emails to prospects whom may never read or even look at your links to your sign up page.

Strength by One

As we had just touched upon in the above paragraph that it is better to have grown by one new member in your MLM business each week. This is a simple and achievable goal for most all MLM or network marketing businesses. A simple layout is that you join on week one. The following week you have your first new member in your down line. Now you move to week three and have yet another join making it you plus 2. Now if your new members do the same as you it will grow not by just your one per week but also the number in your down line per week.

A look at what this looks like after 6 weeks:


                                              Member 1                                              Member 2

                                Member 3      Member A from 1           Member 4         Member B from 2

           Member C from 3              Member 5                         Member D from 4                   Member E from B

                                                 Member F from A             Member G from D                                         Member H from B

In 3 months you should be around 60 people in your down line. Generating pay on weekly pay out and gaining bonuses and possible matching bonuses.

Fast forward to 6 months with us and you should be around 250 people and have created an income of thousands of dollars each month plus earning several bonuses in a month.

This is an example of how the member layout on a binary 2 leg pay plan. What does his mean in income? Tell Me more.

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